The Practical Technology Commercialization Program (Uygulamalı Teknoloji Ticarileştirme Programı- UTTP) develops knowledge and skills regarding how to assess the market value of a technology, bring it to market, and generate wealth in the process.  This dynamic program offers intensive instruction that aims to demystify the technology commercialization process in order to improve skills in technology assessment, intellectual property management, business pitch development and understanding of alternative funding models for startup creation and licensing opportunities.

The UTTP program this year will also focus on developing skills for TTO’s, accelerators, mentors, investors, and others in developing the ecosystem around their TTO to enhance the local capacity around their institution to commercialize technologies.

There will be 4 participants in each group which will consist of TTO's, accelerators, mentors, and investors. These groups could consist of any combination of the professions mentioned.

For instance, one group can have 1 TTO, 1 accelator, 1 mentor, and 1 investor; However, another group can consist of 2 TTO's and 2 mentors.