An Ankara Entrepreneur from Bilkent CYBERPARK, has introduced a “ mobile energy and battery supply device” for military and civil vehicles. Vehicles with dead batteries will instanty restart using this portable solar rechargable  device. Say goodbye to the pain of starting a car in subzero temperatures.

Özgür Polat,founder of Polat Savunma Sanayi, debuted the product of their long research project and  announced that “ mobile Energy and Battery Supply Device” is now available to support drivers during the upcoming winter season when car battery troubles peak. Polat, stated:

“ Cold weather is a major issue for battery problems. Especially big vehicles with large engine capacities, diesel vehicles and vehicles running on LPG suffer the most. Trying to jump start these vehicles using other vehicle batteries usually does not work and causes more damage than good. The battery supply devices in the market fail to perform as stated when it comes to these special vehicles. Our “Spark” has alleviated this problem for good. There will be no more battery problems for military vehicles, those with dead batteries will be able to get a jump start with the help of this portable device. “



Spark contains a smart-internal recharge unit. This unit, executes a controlled recharging process that takes into account all factors including the environmental conditions and existing power level.  Controlled recharging ensures a safe and rapid recharge.  When the device is recharged fully, the smart recharge unit automatically cuts the power that goes in to the battery, preventing the danger that arises when batteries are overcharged. Spark, can be recharged using a regular electrical outlet,  vehicle lighter plug or using a solar panel. Spark’s body is entirely stainless steel covered with antistatic paint.The internal components are designed and reinforced for “heavy duty” line of work. The liquid proof device only weighs 6 kg. (13 lbs)