Where will the trainings take place?

All the trainings will take place in Bilkent Cyberpark.

Do we have to form a team to apply to the program?

No. The teams will be formed once the trainings start with the help of the UTTP management team.

If you already have a project team and want to apply together please fill in separate application forms for each team member using the team member application form and fill in the entrepreneur application form for one of the team members. Please provide the names of the team members in the entrepreneur application form. Applying as a team does not mean that all the team members will be accepted to the program. After the selection process, only a part of the team can be selected for the program.

I am a lawyer. Can I apply for the program?

Yes. Successful commercialization of a technological product/service requires input from many different expertise areas. Non-technical people are welcomed and encouraged to apply for the program.

Must I have a business idea to apply to the program?

There are two types of applications. One is for Entrepreneurs/Technology Leads and the other is Team Member application. Entrepreneurs/Technology Leads will have to apply with their business ideas. Entrepreneurs will work with team members to develop commercialization plans for their products/services.

How much do I have to pay for the trainings?

The UTTP program is funded substantially by US Department of State Bureau of Oceans and International, Environmental and Scientific Affairs (OES) BOOST (Building Opportunities Out of Science and Technology) program

Ordinary tuition for the UTTP Executive program ist $6,000 US Dollars. Though the support of the US Department of State as well as Cyberpark, TTGV and IC2, we are able to offer the UTTP program at a substantially reduced cost for participants. The US Department of State, and other UTTP partners will provide the 10 selected Entrepreneurial participants with a full tuition subsidy for the cost of the UTTP program. The remaining 30 TTO, Private and NGO team participants will receive a tuition subsidy in the amount of $5,000 US Dollars but be responsible for paying the remaining tuition of $1,500 prior to attending class. All participants will be responsible for any associated travel or accommodation expenses as a part of the UTTP program.

Will there be accommodation support during the program?

No, unfortunatelly the program does not have necessary funding fort this.

Will I have to share my profits with the project partners once my product is commercialized?

No. All the intellectual rights for the product to be commercialized completely belongs to the entrepreneurs.