Oturum 2

Hızlandırıcı ve Kuluçka (Program) Modelleri

In this session we will examine different models of acceleration and incubation.  We will explore co-working spaces, incubation models, acceleration models and other structures for sustainable incubation and acceleration efforts at TTO’s.

  • Overview of Incubation and Acceleration Models
  • Supporting and Building Academic Based Start Ups
  • Managing and Screening Startups for acceleration incubation
  • Determining the services offered by your TTO
  • Dealing with Difficult Clients
  • Business Models for Incubation and Acceleration


         Hands On Activity: Assessing your Portfolio of Companies

         Hands On Activity: Building your Incubator/Accelerator Business Model

Oturum 3

Etkili bir Mentör Network Kurulumu

Accelerators and Incubators are often required to use local talent, mentors and actors to enable the success of their client companies.  In this session we will examine ways to develop an effective mentor network around your TTO and Accelerator.  We will discuss methods for engagement with mentors while building an ongoing network locally, regionally and globally. 

  • Defining Roles of Mentors for your TTO
  • Establishing an Effective Entrepreneur in Residence Program
  • Building a Dynamic Community of Support in your Region
  • Recruiting and Maintaining Mentor Relationships
  • Managing your Network


Hands On Activity: Assessing your current needs for mentorship

Hands On Activity: Building your Mentor Network Plan

Oturum 4

Melek Yatırımcı Oluşumu ve Sermaye Yatırımcılığına Erişim

While government and VC financing is critical to the growth of early stage start ups, angel investors are often one of the first in investors for university based start ups.  In this session we will examine methods for building and deploying angel networks.  We will also talk about the role of TTO’s in educating potential investors in high risk investment models. 

  • Examining the current state of angel and VC funding for Start Ups in Turkey
  • The role of Angel Investors with your TTO
  • Models of Angel Network interaction with institutions
  • Building a portfolio that matters
  • Building your own Angel network
  • Recruiting and Educating Angels around your community


Hands On Activity: Assessing your Assets, current possible angels in your region

Hands On Activity: Building your angel network development plan

Hands On Activity: Building a portfolio of investable deals for early stage investors (De-Risking Investment)

Oturum 5

Yapılan Çalışmaların Gözden Geçirilmesi ve Değerlendirilmesi

On This Day each team will report out on the work accomplished during the Homework Period to the Group to promote best practices sharing and further refinement of models:

  • Team Report out on Mentor Network Development
  • Team Report out on Angel Network Development
  • Presentation of Business Model for TTO
  • Active Feedback on Plans and Strategy 

Oturum 6

Global Networkü Devreye Sokmak ve Değer Yaratmak

On this day we will examine how to link TTO’s directly with regional and global networks for incubation and acceleration of early stage start ups at their institution: 

  • Systems for Portfolio Management Long Term
  • Linking with Angel Networks and Syndication of Deals with VC’s 

            - Cap Table

            - Dilution

            - Board Management

  • Dealing with Difficult Clients in your Incubator/accelerator

Oturum 7


At this closing session, each team will present their strategic plan and business model for acceleration and incubation services

  • Final Team Presentations
  • Presentation of the UTTP Deal Portfolio
  • Linking Mentor and Angel Networks together